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Ultimate Guide To Buying a Zero Turn Mower


Shopping for a zero turn mower is similar to shopping for a new car. The mower is designed with a high-level capacity and fast maneuverability which characterizes its commercial purpose. The top zero turn mowers for property owners are designed in a similar way as the commercial model mowers which means, they are capable of handling tough mowing jobs on wider areas in a quick, efficient and easy way.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing a Zero Turn Mower

  • It should be hard- wearing with a durable frame as well as a consistent and powerful engine.
  • All its components are supposed to be designed in a way they can withstand the machine‚Äôs maneuvers.
  • All the controls should be easily accessible.
  • It should provide the driver with a comfortable environment and an efficient vibration which can cause less fatigue.
  • If the mower is going to operate at optimal temperatures for longer periods, an efficient cooling system is crucial.

Different Classes of Zero Turn Mowers

jhhjjhhjjhjhjhjhPurchasing a zero turn mower is quite expensive compared to buying a standard lawnmower. There are various classifications that these mowers are categorized into and having the knowledge about their difference will enable you to make the correct purchase to suit your needs.

Compact Residential Mowers

In case you want a small sized mower, consider buying a compact residential mower. They are smaller in size compared to other mowers and are designed having a compact trail. They are good alternatives for people with small yards.

Residential Zero Turn Mowers

They have a bigger cutting width and have a horsepower. Residential mowers come with electric clutches, hour gauges and deck lifts which are foot assisted. Their deck size ranges from 42-inches to 54-inches.

Estate Class Zero Turn Mowers

The estate class zero turn mowers differ from the residential mowers because of its cutting deck. They have made-up decks which are stronger than the stamped decks. They have high-quality engines, excellence seats, and higher performance transmissions. They are have been designed to meet large property owners needs.

Entry Level Commercial Mowers

The entry level mowers have been designed for commercial purposes. They are excellent machines with the ideal necessities but few customizations, especially on comfort. They have less significant transmissions, thinner gauge decks, and standard seats; however, they have high power, performance, and quality. Their deck size ranges from 42-inch to 62-inch.

Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

hghhgghhhghgCommercial zero turn mowers are what people term as zero turn mower. They are powerful, big, having a wide cut area as well as having many designed console features. They have large fuel tanks, powerful engines, fastest speed as well as having the biggest mowing decks. They have a deck size ranging from 48-inch to 72-inch.