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Trending Shower Ideas to Check in 2018


The shower has a new function. It’s no longer about washing off the dirt. The shower is increasingly being taken as a place where you can just be yourself. A place you can feel better once you step in. With this new function of the showers, contractors have been flirting with different ideas and designs like the installation of the best shower valve, shower head or any other. Enumerated below are some of the great shower ideas to check in 2018

The Shower is Becoming Smaller and Efficient

showerIn the early years, people preferred bathrooms that were so huge that you could place more than two bathtubs. However, in the recent past, you might have noticed that small bathrooms are now very popular. These smaller bathrooms will give you additional luxury and increase efficiency.

The trend towards smaller bathrooms has also been inspired by the shrinking land which has seen every inch of land being utilized. To compensate for the small size, a lot of creativity and work is going into making the showers more artistic. Strangely, designs have come up that will make the room appear spacious by merely having the right color and patterns on the walls.

Gold and Brass Coated Fittings

In the recent past, fixtures and fittings in the bathroom are now having a shade of gray colors. When the fixtures are plated with gold, your bathroom could be having the right depth as well as dimension. The luxury feel will never miss.

Secondly, gold and brass coats give the showers a warmer accent that ordinary iron fittings can’t. These two metals will never disappoint you if used in different styles and settings.

Beneath the Floor Heating System

You do not need a pair of slippers when going to the showers. The underfloor system for heating will suffice. You worry less when temperatures outside are dropping because regardless of the floor materials, you are warm.

Another advantage of a floor heating system is that there are no allergic reactions since there is no dust. Dust comes about as a result of the air currents which the heat will drive away. Drawers for bathroom towels are also heated to ensure that after a warm bath, you wrap yourself with a towel that is equally warmer.

Unique Shapes of Tiles


The color of the tiles could be tailored to a customer’s taste. Manufacturers have taken an extra step and are now changing the shape of the tiles into more interesting and appealing designs. The tiles are coming in shapes like diamond, hexagon and arabesque. These unique shapes do not just lie on the floors.

They grace the walls creating the much needed bold accents that you so much want. You can also call the manufactures with your own designs and shapes and request them to make for you. Be ready to pay a premium for this service.

Vanity Lighting

The bathroom has a faucet, chest of cabinets among other fixtures and fittings. When you light your bathroom strategically, you can much more than when you just have a bulb hanging above your head.

In conclusion, as you try to break away from the monotonous designs of yesteryears, bear in mind that technology, choice of the tiles’ design and the accents which are bold will never fail. These are great shower ideas to check in 2018

How To Give Your House A Wooden Floor Touch


Hardwood flooring attaches style and value to any home, and it is simple to clean and needs little maintenance. This makes it one of the most popular flooring choices for people who are renovating. It’s able to fit any style as there is a type of flooring timber to suit no matter what kind of decor you’ve chosen for your home. If you’re planning to renovate or install your entire house with a wooden floor, contact the floor polishing Melbourne based company for the best services. Below is how to give your house a wooden floor touch with different types of wooden flooring solutions.

Different wooden floor renovation solutions you should know

Solid Wood Floors

Each plank of a solid, hardwood floor is milled and made from a single piece of timber. Originally used structurally as support beams and joints, hardwood is now mainly used for its appearance. Boards can be selected according to size, allowing you a lot of choice in exactly how your floors look. Modern construction techniques often see hardwood floors installed over top of the concrete slab.


Solid wood allows an arguably nicer, more traditional look than engineered wood. Regarding sustainability, most professional flooring suppliers will offer the option of using recycled timber, or sustainably harvested hardwoods. Although unsuitable for basements or areas with excessive moisture, well cared for solid wood floors will never have to be replaced.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is the most popular type of flooring wood used around the world. The top layer is made from the wood you want to be visible while a supporting layer, called a substrate, provides the stability. A good quality engineered wood flooring should have a 6mm top layer.


Engineered flooring is ideal over a heated concrete slab and comes in wider widths, up to 300mm wide. It is a more common choice because of its stability, faster installation times and with it being easier to replace individual boards in the case of damage. The downside of engineered flooring is the length specifications tend to be shorter on average, however as long as it is laid properly it’s hard to distinguish from solid wood flooring.

What Kind of Wooden Flooring is Right for Me?

Discuss your options with a wood flooring expert; they will be able to recommend the best choice for the area where you want to install. After that, it comes down to personal choice for the style or color that you want to use. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that the timeless look and style of wooden flooring will increase the value of your home and look great for years to come.

Tips That Will Make Blinds Cleaning And Maintenance Easy


Blinds History

Blinds, ranging from that old made of metal or plastic or the newer, funkier modern made of wood, both attracts dust. Therefore, they need a regular dusting along with a periodic cleaning.

Cleaning techniques

As cleaning blinds can be tricky, it is important to understand the basics involved in the cleaning process. Clean them properly by utilizing the right method depending on the materials that they are made with. Also, you need to consider the amount of dust or dirt. If it is not that bad, then you can clean by simply using a wet or damp rag to wipe the dirty surface.

Tips Of Cleaning And Maintaining The office Blinds.

1. When using a vacuum, you should make use of the brush attachment. Also, it is necessary that you vacuum across and not in an up-and-down direction.

As much as possible, you should avoid using plastic dusters too.

2. A dry sponge will work best when cleaning blinds. Being easily available at hardware and paint stores, it removes dust and residue from both fabric and vinyl blinds easily.

222iuy3. If you are trying to clean just a specific spot, you can utilize a cleaner spray and a clean cloth to wipe the area. Keep in mind though that you avoid spraying directly to the blinds. It is highly recommended that you spray the cleaning fluid to the rag.

4. If you are dealing with wooden blinds, never soak them in water. It would also be best if you wipe them right where they are instead of taking them off.

5. If your fabric blinds are extremely dirty, best is to take the blinds to a dry cleaner.

6. For blinds that are made of metal and vinyl, you can take them outside and clean them using a few drops of dishwashing soap.


These are just some of the easy blinds cleaning tips to get the best results. In fact, you can also consider other cleaning options like professional blind cleaners.

333iuyIf you are shopping around for the best Office Blinds Manchester that you can use at your workplace, make sure that you compare the various suppliers. Always check the materials as well as the quality so you can be sure that you will be able to use them for a long time.