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How to Find the Perfect Pocket Knife

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Whether to carry a pocket knife or not, that is a personal choice. For men, they fall into two broad categories. There are those who do not see the need to carry and those who cannot imagine a life without this multi-task tool. But that is not the subject of today. Instead, the focus will be on how to find the best pocket knife when out there shopping for one.

There are quite some considerations that go into buying a perfect pocket knife. Here is your guide to make the best decision.

What do you need the knife for?

A mechanic will need a different kind of knife from an accountant or police officer. Will be using your pocket knife every day or it will only be on the weekends? The environment where you will be using your knife will also count.

What type of knife are you looking for?

pocket knifeOnce you have established the purpose of your knife and how you will be carrying it, you would also want to choose a type that will go with your preferences. There are two categories of pocket knives: classic and tactical.

The classic type is simple and not commonly attached to a clip. Their handles are made of common materials such bones and wood. On the other hand, tactical knives have pocket clips and have blade locks. Their handles are made of modern plastics, metal or composite materials.

The number of blades

Single blade pocket knives are very common. But that does not mean you cannot get a multi-blade knife if you need it. Single blades are small and easy to carry around. The multi-blade is larger and is not easy to conceal.

How you will carry your knife

Most of the knives on the market today come with a pocket clip so that you will not have trouble carrying in your pocket. They tend to be a bit larger. But that design does not suit everyone. If that is the case, there are clip-free knives available. These are not so large, and you can completely conceal them in your pocket.

Blade size

Blade sizes range from small to large. If you intend to use your knife on light tasks, then a small one will be ideal. If you are likely to use it on little bit heavy tasks, then you can go for the medium-size blades. For a knife that will be useful for most tasks, the large-size blade is the best choice.pocket knives

Lock or not?

Locking knives are considered safer than their non-locking cousins are. But your preference will be playing a big role in what you should choose. But to take care of your flesh, it is best you stick with the locking type.

Price range

It is obvious that you will have a budget for the kind of knife you need. The prices range from affordable to expensive. Depending on what you want from your knife and the depth of your pocket, you should be able to make a good decision. You can get a pocket knife for less than $30 or more than $100. The choice is all yours.